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Monday, February 2, 2009

Live-Action Cowboy Bebop Proposal Officially Announced

The Japanese animation studio Sunrise has officially announced the plans for a live-action film adaptation of its Cowboy Bebop science-fiction anime franchise. The American film studio Twentieth Century Fox, the production company 3 Arts Entertainment, and Sunrise itself are collaborating on the project. Keanu Reeves is slated to star. Joshua Long is acting as a production supervisor, and Erwin Stoff, a film producer who worked closely with Reeves on The Matrix and A Scanner Darkly, is also attached. The associate producers are Sunrise President Kenji Uchida, the original Cowboy Bebop director Shinichiro Watanabe, and the original series script supervisor Keiko Nobumoto. The Sunrise studio itself and Masahiko Minami (former Sunrise producer and BONES studio co-founder) are both acting as production consultants.

..................Ok, let's all take a deep breath here. Stay calm! GOT TO STAY CALM!

I feel sick! Why does America no longer produce it's own culture. These companies take things that have a cult following and "remake" them in order to dumb it down so the stupid fat lazy idiots in this country will understand. Look at what's going on right now. They made that piece of shit dragon ball movie. Ninja Scroll and Gundam are both on the Hollywood chopping block and now Cowbow Bebop?!!! This is fucking offensive!

Water head idiots always lash out at "fan boys" for not liking the choices that Hollywood makes when adapting comics,books and video games to movies. Of course a fan of an existing thing wont like it being whored out for no reason. These anime titles just need to be left alone! Can't the fans have any piece of mind knowing that something they enjoy will be left alone?

Some people have defending this by pointing out some of the original creators are on board to make this piece of shit film. Why now, over 10 years after the show was canceled in Japan, that they choose to make a crappy remake Hollywood movie? It's a bit odd, that those creators now back together would not just make another season of the show or at the very least a new animated movie. why waste time on a live action flick that will fail. These people have to be in touch enough to know that 99% of the comic/book/video game movie adaptations flop really fucking hard.

They would rather get some fast Hollywood money than create more art that millions of people would enjoy. These people don't understand that no matter how much they dumb down and whore out cowboy bebop the American masses wont get it, the fans will turn their backs on it and they will fail.

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