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Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Prince Blagojevich and King Daley Circus

Hey everyone this is Ruppy with my first installment of random rant. Lately everyone on the news has been talking about Illinois gov. Rod Blagojevich and how he was trying to "trade" Barrack Obama's (Clown Shoes) empty senator seat for some favors or campaign contributions. of course he gets caught and all his assets become frozen by the feds so he can’t afford a lawyer.

Let me be the first to say I hated this jerk off from the first time I found out he was running for governor. He was known for making tough guns laws until all the gun manufacturer who had plants in Illinois told him that if he didn’t fuck off they would close down all their factories in the state. He also fucked up the public transportation bill trying to make himself look good.

So what does he do when facing impeachment and likely federal charges? He fucking goes on TV and starts telling people his trial is unfair. well with habeas corpus still suspended and the patriot act still in full swing of course its not going to be fair. Welcome to the world we have to live in. that right rod big brother can watch you like they do us.

he keeps trying to make himself look like a martyr on TV and states that what he did wasn’t wrong or illegal because receiving favors after leaving office isn't illegal. This guy thinks just cause it isn’t illegal it’s not wrong. Whatever happened to i don’t know nominating the most qualified person? Even though are last governor was corrupt at least he got shit done and kept things moderately stable. For being a republican he at least didn’t mismanage our money like Blagojevich. Think Blagojevich is Illinois only problem?

After this asshole we have Chicago’s mayor, King Richard Daley running the city with the highest taxes in the U.S (10.25%) to the ground. He boost that our school are testing higher. That’s mostly due to him actually lowering test standards. After Obama pulled Arne Duncan to be secretary of the U.S. Department of Education, King Daley put Ron Huberman in charge of public schools even though he has no experience with education what so ever. Daley said that his business skills would do the public school system some good.

For those of you who don’t know Ron Huberman is the guy who did a crackerjack job of running public transportation. This guy made the state fork over more money so that union jag offs could be paid 20 dollars an hour to drive a bus. This guy doesn’t know shit about education or managing something efficient the only reason he has a job is cause has been loyal to Daley.

This city needs to go into a fucking riot and just burn down the mayor’s office likes its castle Frankenstein. The only reason this guy is in power is cause all those over paid teamsters that work for the city make sure he gets re-elected. For the shit I have to pay to live in Chicago I should be getting back way more. Canadians pay 10% sales tax and they get free health care but me I get a bunch of teamsters digging holes and filling them back up again for twenty an hour.

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