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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Operation Anchorage -- Review

It's out and I can't play because I don't have any money to buy stupid Microsoft points. WTF! Good thing Skidrow released the torrent. It took me about 2 hours to blow through this at level 14. It had a feel of any given FPS, it was not like you were playing Fallout, or an RPG for that matter. I'm not sure if I was happy with this. You kill the same 2 units over and over again. The tundra is very bleak and you can't freely roam around. The plot to the mission is cool, but it seems very short. The items you get at the end of it are uber to say the least. Well worth doing the mission, but if you have beat the game 5 times like most of us have it's not that big of a help because you can kill everything with the existing weapons. Hopefully the OA items will come in handy for future DLC. I'm going to have to give this a thumbs down, since it took a million years to come out and was in fact short and not very hard.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The fucked up world of MMOG

The last i heard about Tabula Rasa was the Creator, our friend Richard Garriott left NCsoft to do who knows what. That game was dead in the water right after release. it seemed like a great idea but like most mmorpgs rushed out the door by the backers to turn a fast profit. So now with the Creator gone this title is left to die like UO did after he left EA.

This guy is a dead beat dad of mmorpg titles. anyway, they are letting people play for free now. i guess that's good for people like ruppy and myself that paid $50 for this flop. at least if we get really bored we can login and confirm that they never added those mechs that we all wanted or any of that other shit.

We've released all new content - Earth, PvP Wargames, Epic Caves of Donn and more, and we want to remind you that Tabula Rasa is free to play, right now!
If you're a former player looking to return and check out the new content, just log into your PlayNC master account at and visit Account Management to reactivate your account. It's as easy as clicking a button!
If you're a new player who has never tried Tabula Rasa, you can get a Tabula Rasa Serial Code by visiting this link to create a new game account!
Once your account is activated (or re-activated!), visit to download the game client. Install and you're ready to go.
It's easy, it's free, and it's a great game! We look forward to seeing you in the game!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Retail Hell - The List

Welcome to the first installment of Retail Hell.

I am not a very good people person so naturally I work in retail. After having a job that nickels and dimes me every day I created a means to vent my frustration by creating a list of funny/horrible things I do or have seen other people do at work.

This is basically a rip off of the infamous Skippy's list but I am hoping since its retail more people will be able to relate to it. This list is ongoing so further updates in the future.

Also I think it’s important that I point out that Aaron did some of the things on this list.

Things I’m am no longer allowed to do at work

1. When a customer asks for a mouse im am not to tell them that they should go to petsmart.

2. I should not imply that a person is too stupid to own a computer.

3. I am not allowed to tell a customer their ideas for what to do with a computer are stupid.

4. I should not refer to the apple ilife as the Aryan life. The fact that their computers are mostly all white should not be pointed out to support my term.

5. If a customer looks high I am not allowed to ask if they are on drugs or if they were born that way.

6. Calling the store my bitch is rude and can be interpreted as sexual harassment toward the store.

7. We should not use the shopping carts to have jousting matches.

8. I should not make fun of customers in front of other customers.

9. I should not try to blow the undercover security guards cover by saying five-oh when i see him.

10. I am to speak in the pa system with a soft single tone voice.

11. If a customer annoys me and wants something I should not go to the warehouse and make them wait 15 minutes before telling them we don’t have it.

12. I should not/cannot sell a warranty plan for a mouse pad.

13. I should not suggest a customer is doing illegal activities. Even if they are buying 5 cases of blank DVDs and paying in cash.

14. I am not allowed to point out a customer’s stupidity even if they were trying to point out mine.

15. I should not point out the stores layout flaws to customers.

16. I am not allowed to build a pyramid out of compressed air cans as a tribute to the supervisor’s inability to run the store.

17. It is rude to laugh at people who come into the store and try to buy floppy disks.

18. There is no such thing as a 3 day waiting period in order to do a background check on a person trying to buy a pc.

19. We should not point and laugh at customers who try to get into the store after it has closed.

20. It is wrong to try and sell a printer to a person by putting them under the illusion that it is a computer.

21. When filling out a time correction sheet I am not allowed to put "hang over" as a cause for my tardiness.

22. I am not the dungeon master of the merchandise cage and should not force managers to answer 3 questions before letting them enter.

23. I should not avoid helping customers by telling them I don’t speak English.

24. "fo sho" is not the proper response to a request from a manager.

25. An antivirus does not protect computers against STD's and telling a customer that is morally wrong.

26. I should not list "easy accessibility to porn" as a benefit of having the internet.

27. When a customer can’t afford software I should not show them how to download it illegally.

28. The proper way to greet a customer is by saying "hi, how can I help you" not "I got what you need"

29. If I have missed work because of a death in my family I should not offer to give a picture of the coffin to my supervisor as proof.

30. The I in ilife does not stand for idiot.

31. People who own Macs are not materialistic or full of themselves (most of the time).

32. We do not price computers according to how much porno they can hold or how fast they can download it.

33. Employees are not to be referred to as the non-gay version of geek squad.

34. When someone ask how to clean out their hard drive I should not assume they are trying to get rid of their porno stash.

35. I should not refer to gender changing cables as transvestite cables or sexually confused/challenged cables.

36. It is wrong to lock other sales associates in the front cage.

37. I am not allowed to answer the phone by saying "Dominos pizza."

38. Nothing we sell will blow up a customer or their family.

39. If a customer does not like the way he is being treated I should not tell them to go to CompUSA.

40. Standing next to a powerful wireless router is not equivalent to having a microwave next to your head.

41. Sales associates do not carry or have access to security guns.

42. Sales associates are not allowed to hold meetings and make managers cover for them.

43. When a product is of very good quality we are to say it is a good product not "it's the shit."

44. There are no such things as wireless cables.

45. When a customer asks for RAM I should not tell him we only sell goats here.

46. We are not allowed to put returns in stocking boxes. Even if it’s a Friday and its half past ten.

47. We are not allowed to hide returns behind other merchandise a.k.a easter egging

48. I am not allowed to play ultimate Frisbee on the sales floor.

49. I should not call in artillery strikes using the manager’s wakie talkies.

50. I am to sticker products not people.

51. Our store did not give birth to Bill Gates.

52. I should not ride the warehouse flatbeds as scooters.

53. I am not allowed to bypass the stores firewall to watch youtube.

54. I should not hide security tags in fellow employees belongings so that they get searched by security.

55. The word "union" is not management’s kryptonite.

56. It is not appropriate to flash the bar code scanner in the eyes of fellow employees while they are helping a customer. even if it makes the customer laugh.

57. I should not lock the name tags of other employees in the processor cage and hide the key so they have to page a manager and look stupid. No matter how funny it is to watch them wait for the manager to arrive.

58. I should not convince management I speak polish by talking broken German.

59. When picking up my paycheck I should use my real name not the name of the general manager.

60. When informing customers that we compete with circuit city I am not allowed to say we have an all out street fight with them in which the side that kills the other side’s GM first wins. I am to imply that it is strictly business competition.

61. 66. When corporate visits I am not to advise all of management to get them drunk off their asses.

62. When I am bored I should not scare the customers by saying strange things to them.

63. Giving out fake technical support to lazy customers who don’t want to use the internet is not a good idea.

64. A tuxedo shirt does not count as formal attire for work.

65. When two employees disagree about something I should not try to get them to have a knife fight.

66. My sarcasm is not to be used in front of customers.

67. When there are no customers around I should not suggest we have fight club.

Hello World

I am the newest member of the Drunken Goat team. I will be adding a couple new segments to Drunken Goat such as Retail Hell, Five Finger Review and Random Rant. A couple more may be added as time goes on who knows. I suck at grammar but fuck you english is my second language. so feel free to read my post and leave any comments positive or negative, I don’t really give a shit its not really my website.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Operation Anchorage --- Preview

Get ready for NEW Perks, Weapons, Armor, and the much awaited lift of the level cap. This first installment of the Fallout 3 DLC, boast hours of play time and a new play style for the fans.

Jeff Gardine of bethesda explains "In Operation: Anchorage the player will find themselves able to re-live the famous liberation of Anchorage from Fallout lore -- inside a simulation similar to one found along the main quest of Fallout 3. Once the player finds their way into the simulation, they'll be stripped of their resources and have to survive within the rules set up by the simulation's creators.

The Chinese red army is everywhere, and the player will first have to secure the surrounding mountain side and then fight their way into the Chinese base. The player will have to use a lot of their standard combat skills, along with several new tools that will only be available in the downloadable content. These include interactive Strike Teams under the player's command and unique armor, weapons, and other exotic gadgets."