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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gaming Gripes

Hi, my name is Regis and I have gaming A.D.D.

(hi Regis)

What the fuck is wrong with me? I cannot stick to anything, let me break down what I am playing right now: Fallout 3, Gears of War 2, Fable 2, The Witcher, Everquest 2, Mirror's Edge and Vanguard; just to name a few off the top of my head.

Traditionally, I have always been a hardcore MMO player, I started back years and years ago as a 13 yr old (being 25 now) playing UO with Aaron, he actually introduced me to MMOs and I scorn him to this day, because I cant manage to play game that isnt an MMO from start to finish to save my fucking life. Which nowadays is really horrible for me, because being an oldschool MMO player, and with my current options of MMOs being the steaming pile of garbage that they all are, who try to cater to housewives and non gamers with deep pockets, make it very difficult for me to enjoy gaming in general right now.

I follow MMOs like crazy, I listen to tons of podcasts (actually listening to one right now, big ups to Virgin Worlds) I read about changes, i follow patches on games im not even playing and prolly have no real interest of playing. I think at this point I like reading about MMOs entirely more then I have prolly enjoyed playing one since the Fear Server on Shadowbane (R.I.P. PvP Stealing)

Lets go through my normal day off from work as far as gaming goes: I wake up and basically check to see what new fallout 3 mods have come out, I install the good ones, i play Fallout 3 for about 35 mins in megaton with god mode on just killing everyone in the city, to check out new damage mods, then I quit and move on to say Everquest 2: Log on, get insta killed by 11 diffrent people at the EL docks, get frusterated because it has the most broken excuse for a pvp system ever created, log off, move to Fable 2 kill everyone in my current town, log off, u see a pattern here?

I dont even enjoy it, its like hate fucking myself ( which i may enjoy more)

I come from a harasher MMO world where U could be looted, when you got in a fight in mattered, you didnt just respawn heal up and run back with all your shit back into battle. Dieing MEANT SOMETHING, it was something you didnt want to happen to you because it MATTERED. Being PKed meant something more then just 5 mins of inconvenience while you wait for a loading screen. Yes, I was a serious PK, always have always will be, I miss the danger, there is no sense of risk in MMOs, nothing that happens to you matters, because there is nothing bad that happens to you in MMOs now. Everyone is such a loot hording, instance gridning fucking pussy.

I could go on for days, but now im actually get annoyed, and its starting to put me in a bad mood. I live in gaming nostalgia alot, I lead a pretty good life, ive done alot of interesting things, been to alot of places, and I make good money, but seriously, the happiest times of my life can be boiled down to 2 things: first 2 years living in boston (kings of the city) and my teenage years playing UO with my friends, where you actually had true friends in games.

I know this post is kinda jumbled and jumps around alot, my next will be much more well thought out and constructive, but I owed an update to the site, so here it is. The next one, will be better, I am by no means an amazing writer, much better talking, hoping to do a podcast soon and post that one.

I have one last hope for MMOs and it is Darkfall, if it lets me down I will never set foot in that genre again, I dont care what golden goose comes out.