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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Grand Theft $49.99 --- GTA 4 Problems

Like others I bought Grand Theft Auto 4 for the PC and are currently experiencing the worst PC game launch in a long time. I have not seen this kind of client instability since TES Dagger Fall AKA Crash and Fall. Wait it's been more recent then that, Age of Conan's release was pretty awful too but at least I could login and play around for a while before the memory leak crashed my client. This client wont even load up to the main screen for most people. If you are lucky enough to start the game you are faced with horribly low FPS or insane bugs like not loading any textures.

It's offensive for a company like Rockstar who got their start with the PC gaming market to release a highly anticipated game that does not even work. It's obvious they knew it wasn't ready and pushed it out anyway. This is stereotypical behavior of a MMORPG company, not a reputable one like Rockstar. This is a very stupid move that needs a quick and professional resolution.

The community of gamers have been working around the clock looking for their own fix to this mess. check out this Steam community forum for some info on possible fixes. I have tried everything myself and nothing seems to work but other have had better luck.

For now all of us suckers that bought this game are left with 12 gigs of worthless data and $49.99 less in our bank accounts.

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