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Saturday, December 27, 2008

G1 Cupcake preview.

Video Recording, Stereo Bluetooth, Onscreen Keyboard And More!

The cupcake branch will be merged into the master branch… Due to the United States’ holiday season, though, this may not be finished until early January.”
The new update will include the ability to record video, support for stereo Bluetooth, onscreen keyboard functionality and more.
Key features include:
Option to save attachments and pictures from text messages
Option to view what applications and processes are running
Updated Webkit browser
the ability to copy and paste text within the browser by holding the SHIFT key and sliding your finger across the text you want to copy
Ability to search for text within the browser using a FIND feature
New SquirrelFish JavaScript engine
New kernel based on Linux 2.6.27
Dial pad can no longer be single tapped open but needs a finger slide motion
Video thumbnails and playback functionality
Stereo Bluetooth support
Ability to have an onscreen keyboard for typing

Also there have been a lot of talk about a beta flash player for G1, but here is no release date set.

I'm very happy with my G1, it has a lot of good free apps on the market right now and the Cupcake update will be amazing. All we need now is the flash player and it will be the iphone killer.

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