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Saturday, January 17, 2009

The fucked up world of MMOG

The last i heard about Tabula Rasa was the Creator, our friend Richard Garriott left NCsoft to do who knows what. That game was dead in the water right after release. it seemed like a great idea but like most mmorpgs rushed out the door by the backers to turn a fast profit. So now with the Creator gone this title is left to die like UO did after he left EA.

This guy is a dead beat dad of mmorpg titles. anyway, they are letting people play for free now. i guess that's good for people like ruppy and myself that paid $50 for this flop. at least if we get really bored we can login and confirm that they never added those mechs that we all wanted or any of that other shit.

We've released all new content - Earth, PvP Wargames, Epic Caves of Donn and more, and we want to remind you that Tabula Rasa is free to play, right now!
If you're a former player looking to return and check out the new content, just log into your PlayNC master account at and visit Account Management to reactivate your account. It's as easy as clicking a button!
If you're a new player who has never tried Tabula Rasa, you can get a Tabula Rasa Serial Code by visiting this link to create a new game account!
Once your account is activated (or re-activated!), visit to download the game client. Install and you're ready to go.
It's easy, it's free, and it's a great game! We look forward to seeing you in the game!

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