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Friday, November 2, 2012

Medal of Honor: Warfighter

I'm going to be honest, i cancled my MOH pre-order after the last beta test. The only reason i got this game was because it was %50 off to BF3 players and you get BF4 beta. The same reason why I got the first MOH Game. Just to get beta for Battlefield.  The single player for me was pretty bored, real life is just that. Hence the reason we play games. Why would I want to follow the life of a navy seal that talks on the phone with his wife and kid? The story was just lame and depressing. I couldn't wait to finish it. The missions were not as exciting and epic as the Call of Duty games.

There were technical problems with cloud save that forced me to restart the campaign about 3 times. By the end of it i was more than ready for multiplayer. The multiplayer just lacks energy that i get from Call of Duty games. The reason I bring COD up is because this is clearly this studio's answer to COD. I think EA should stick with Battlfield and keep this IP on the shelf until it matures.

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